Picture Me Perfect Photography

Picture Me Perfect Photography

Chris Huffman 325-518-6797

I'm a local photographer in Abilene, TX.  I work by appointment only during the evenings and weekends.  I do not have a studio anymore (sure do miss it) so my pictures are at outside locations.  I'm up for singles, families and senior pictures as well as event photos.

I also do sports pictures - posed player and team pictures.  If your league is looking for a photographer, give me a chance.  I pay commission on the sales and work personally with your league and parents.  


You can now order prints online from this website.  And even better, when you pick your images, you can select just exactly where you want to crop the picture.  YAY!

Please note that the prices are a little more than offered at time of pictures because of extra fees I have to pay for this convenience.  If you would like to order some of the specialty items that you do not see online (memory matte, trading cards, etc), please contact me directly.  You can also call me if you have any questions.

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